A few decades of manufacturing experience, excellent materials and our ongoing search for best technological solutions make our down filled sleeping bags lightweight and user-friendly. There’s over 25 products to choose from, and if you fancy something truly individual you can order a tailor-made sleeping bag.

  1. As low as $535.00
  2. As low as $489.00
  3. As low as $445.00
  4. As low as $345.00
  5. As low as $309.00
  6. As low as $275.00
  7. As low as $369.00
  8. As low as $339.00
  9. As low as $295.00
  10. As low as $255.00
  11. As low as $239.00
  12. As low as $209.00


Design your sleeping bag! Choose parameters such as size, filling, fabrics and lots of other details to create a product fully matching your needs. Finally, you’ll have gear ideally suited to the conditions you expect. Upgrade your experience!

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