Self-inflating mattresses are a compromise between lightness and high comfort of sleep. There’s a full selection when it comes to size, weight and other features. Self-inflating mattresses offer comfort and warmth for camping, home, and travel. No pump required.

  1. As low as $109.00
  2. As low as $119.00
  3. As low as $129.00
  4. As low as $89.00
  5. As low as $85.00
  6. As low as $89.00
  7. As low as $115.00
  8. As low as $99.00
  9. As low as $89.00
  10. As low as $99.00
  11. As low as $119.00


All of our products are made of excellent, proven materials to ensure maximum comfort with minimum weight. Check what makes our equipment stand out in different weather conditions.

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