With Cumulus, when out in nature, all you need to do is focus on your adventure. We offer you products that have been tested in an outdoor environment and are perfectly tailored to your needs. Whatever the weather, whatever the conditions, you can enjoy comfort and freedom of mind.

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Our design & manufacturing team is made of people who love the outdoors and enjoy spending time in nature. All Cumulus items have been tested by us in a variety of real conditions. Ever since our company was established, back in 1989, we’ve always been making gear that meets tough criteria. Our products are highly reliable. Lightness & durability are their outstanding features.


Professional outdoor equipment requires advanced technological solutions. Ultramodern fabrics such as Pertex® or Toray®, ethically sourced Polish down, with an excellent fill power ensure that our products meet highest quality standards. Every day we are looking for new solutions to improve all Cumulus items, making them better and better.


Our production is based in Poland, which allows us to fully control all aspects of the manufacturing process. We want to be sure that all quality standards have been met and working conditions are appropriate. All down used in our products is ethically sourced and we can fully supervise its production.



Years of breeding experience, a specific climate and research facilities are the secrets behind the excellent parameters of Polish down, which is considered to be the best in the world. Despite technological advancement and attempts to make artificial insulation that would be just as reliable, down still remains unrivaled.

Ethical sourcing

We only use down from certified Polish producers. Thanks to their geographical proximity, we can monitor the production. We are absolutely sure down used by Cumulus has been ethically sourced. It is from free-range geese that have access to water. The excellent breeding conditions are also reflected in the down’s high quality.

Hydrophobic down

When in contact with water, down quickly loses its fill power and insulating properties. Hydrophobic down has a highly increased water resilience. Much more time is needed for it to lose loft and even when moist, it dries relatively quickly. The hydrophobic down used by Cumulus is PFC free.


Pertex® and Toray®, two fabrics we commonly use in our products, are made in Japan. Renowned in the outdoor world, they are both high-performers and have an impressive resilience considering their lightweight structure. At 19g/m2 Toray Airtastic® is the lightest downproof fabric in the world.


This synthetic insulation, made from continuous strands of synthetic fibers in a unique interlocking solution, has a superior thermal efficiency and an excellent durability performance. Thanks to Climashield®, our clothing and synthetic sleeping bags maintain their impressive technical properties.


YKK® is the most trustworthy zip producer in the world, whose zips highly outperform the competition. Almost all our products feature YKK® zip - from clothing, accessories, to sleeping bags.