The offer of Cumulus® products is tailored to the needs of the vast majority of travelers and their adventures. Each of the series of our sleeping bags is unique in its own way due to the construction, weight, type of down, or even fabric used. Starting from classic mummy-shaped models, through wonderful, multi-purpose Quilt constructions, Selva hammock liners, Junior series sleeping bags for young adventurers, and ending with the spacious and universal Rect and Comforter series.

Tomasz Szauer, a fan of forest expeditions and our Production Coordinator, describes why it is worth using our CONFIGURATOR tool and what range of possibilities it offers!


Choosing the right sleeping bag is crucial for your comfort and should meet all your requirements because it is usually a choice for many, many years of adventures! We regularly receive repair inquiries for sleeping bags that our customers bought almost 30 years ago and are still using them!

If for some reason standard products do not meet your needs, check the possibilities of the sleeping bag Configurator available on our website.



One of the main reasons why the Configurator turns out to be irreplaceable is the need to adjust the shape of the sleeping bag to your figure. By changing the size, you can adjust both the length (from XS to XL) and width (from 10 to 22 additional centimeters in the circumference) of the sleeping bag. The selection of these options not only changes the dimensions of the product but also automatically adjusts the amount of down necessary to ensure the same properties as a standard, unmodified sleeping bag.


Another element that you can change in your future sleeping bag is the quality of the filling. Down, because this is what we are talking about here, is available in our sleeping bags in three quality versions: 700, 850, and 900 CUIN, each of them also in a hydrophobic version. Higher down quality means a lighter sleeping bag, as we have to use less of it to achieve the desired thermal performance. By choosing a hydrophobic down, you additionally protect it against moisture. You can also secure down from the outside elements by changing the fabric to the waterproof Pertex® Quantum Pro. And no matter which type of down you choose, it will always be ethically sourced Polish goose down!


The fabrics in our sleeping bags can be changed almost without limit. Depending on the sleeping bag that will be the basis for further modifications, you can use the ultralight Toray Airtastic® 19g fabric, if low weight is your priority, or one of the several variants of reliable fabrics from the Pertex® Quantum family. One of them is the interesting, waterproof Quantum Pro fabric, which additionally protects down against moisture. Our Configurator also allows you to change the color of the outer and inner fabric, thanks to which you will get a completely unique and outstanding sleeping bag.

For the most demanding travelers, we have prepared the possibility of changing only part of the sleeping bag's fabric. You can change both hood and the foot area. If you often slip off the mat during camping and you touch the wall of the tent with your feet or head, the choice of this modification is for you. In this way, you will protect the sleeping bag against moisture condensed on the walls of your shelter.


What's more! Your future sleeping bag can be filled with down in almost any proportion. Each of us has a different predisposition to feel cold and sleeps differently. As a standard, our products have 55% down weight in the upper part and 45% in the lower part of the sleeping bag. If you sleep mainly on your back and when you move you do it inside the sleeping bag, you can easily adjust the proportions of the filling by adding more down to the top. If you often change your position during sleep and turn with your sleeping bag, it is worth considering even distribution of the down. In addition, it is possible to increase the down amount in specific parts of the sleeping bag, such as part of the hood or feet.


The last element that you can change is the length and width of the zipper. If you value the comfort of getting in and out of your sleeping bag, choose a full-length zipper. If, on the other hand, you care about ultra-light equipment, consider a zipper with a shorter length and a narrower 3 mm construction. This way you can save more grams!

I hope you found this post helpful and that you will easily make yourself the perfect sleeping bag! I recently used our CONFIGURATOR and created a QUILT tailored to my needs. In the next post, I will share impressions of its first field tests!