Every product that is designed at Cumulus has to be as light as possible. We use advanced technical solutions, world-class fabrics and constantly improve our manufacturing techniques to achieve this goal. Nothing can stop us from finding the best solutions for lightweight outdoor items. Before we offer you a piece of our gear, we always test it ourselves.



By the time he founded the company in 1989, Zdzisław Wylężek had already gathered experience in the state company Żagiel. He worked there as a designer, specializing in tents and panniers. It was there that he discovered the superb qualities of Polish down.



From the beginning, Cumulus has closely cooperated with Pertex. Combining their lightweight fabrics with Polish down, we launched production of quality sleeping bags. Their most characteristic feature was low weight. Following years of stable growth, in 2009-2018 our development highly accelerated. We broadened our offer, expanding clothing lines and the range of sleeping bags.



We are an internationally recognized brand used by outdoor professionals all over the world. We completely control the production, which is fully based in Poland and meets highest ethical standards. Our company is made up of people who are outdoor and nature lovers. In our work, we simply follow our passion.


Zdzisław Wylężek CEO

Company founder. Loves Polish Tatra Mountains and the northern Pomerania region. An ardent biker and trekker. Name the latest lightweight outdoor gadget and for sure he’s already got it. Zdzisław’s philosophy is “fast & light” and he always promotes an outdoor lifestyle.

Jacek Wylężek Deputy CEO

A passionate biker. Will always choose a forest trail over a road. In love with Scotland’s countryside. Firmly believes that 98% of tasks can be accomplished within 20 minutes. Most probably the only boss who’ll go and get a beer for his employees.

Patryk Jasiński Production Manager

The organisational heart of the company and the main problem solver. Best researcher in town. Someone you can always rely on. Known to be always on good and optimistic terms with reality. ;)

Rafał Buczek Product Manager

Biker freak. Able to bike 1200 km in four days with the tiniest amount of sleep and rest possible. In love with weightless equipment. A persistent innovator, introducing lightweight solutions wherever possible and wherever impossible. Video blogger with a strong follower base.

Tomasz Szauer Production Coordinator

If it were possible, he’d spend his whole life in the woods. Olive green is his favourite colour. Forest video blogger. Makes sure that shipments are on time. A man who plans in advance and loves tidy spaces, whether at work, while camping or even in a tent.

Anna Wylężek Communication Officer

Our trendhunter and Internet investigator. Decides what we look like to the outside world. Our positive thinker with an optimistic outlook on pretty much everything. Be ready to talk to her, if you fancy working for us.

Danuta Niedźwiecka Chief Production Officer

A production expert, she’s in charge of the made-to-order sleeping bags, making sure all details meet the specifications. Well, actually, when it comes to production, she controls it all, from the first sketch to the last stitch.

Adrianna Ambroziak Light Garment Technologist

Combining creativity and technology, she’s the one who makes our crazy projects possible. If it weren’t for her childlike enthusiasm, many ideas would remain on paper forever.

Wojtek Mączkowski The man behind our camera

Always an optimist, the most positive guy in the company. Extremely versatile. Whatever you need, he has a solution. Achieved perfection in finding peace while out in the outdoors.

Grzegorz Ozimiński Marketing Specialist

Self-appointed “man of the outdoors”, an enthusiast of mountain hiking over long and short distances, with the former being measured in thousands of kilometres. In 2016-2018 he completed the three most popular hiking trails in the USA, including the legendary Pacific Crest Trail at 4,300 km. The winner of the Andrzej Zawada award for young travellers, granted at the “Kolosy” travel festival in Gdynia, he chooses the most interesting projects for us to support with our equipment.

Marta Sell Customer Service Specialist

Even though her small size may be confusing, Marta is a person with inexhaustible reserves of energy. Sport climbing, ballet, calisthenics, running, crossfit – she is no stranger to almost any physical activity. She spends her free time cycling in the Tricity Landscape Park or relaxing in a hammock. You can also spot her scurrying on the road on her pink race bike, so stay tuned!